Friday, August 23, 2019
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This was the 4th year TamiyaTruckin has attended the Wings & Wheels show. This year saw us finally undercover so we could do what we do best and get a cracking layout setup! We had all the kit out on the layout and this also meant that we had our very first all night running with only using the lights generated from the layout and the trucks! We had the crowds entertained from Phil busy loading up the dumper trucks to create a bank to complete a bridge build. The Crane in the centre of the layout was being operated by Trevor, unloading and lifting many loads throughout the weekend. To Ray and John running their heavy haul rigs around the layout causing all sorts of mischief!

The layout was setup on the Friday in 11 hours, from laying the temporary floor and making the raised area. To getting all the trees and fine details. The Crew did a fantastic job! We are looking forward to returning next year and see what new improvements we can display for 2013!

So onto the pictures from the show!

Also got to have a sail in the shows boat pool!

As you can see the below we had the AR drone have a fly around the layout. Footage from this will uploaded soon!

So once again thanks to all that made the show what it is and giving the public hours of enjoyment watching us drive around our mini model world! More pictures can be found within the forum! 

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