Friday, August 23, 2019
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This was Meridienne Exhibitions first show at EventCity, Manchester. We had been invited to attend with a nice sized area for the layout to be setup in. This is the furthest north we have been with the layout so far. This meant members from around the local area had a chance to have a run on the TT road system. A new feature was introduced giving the vistors an interactive feature by controlling the pedestrian crossing and stopping the flow of traffic.

We had constant running over the 3 days with some plant action moving the soil to create a ramp up to the raised section.

Below are some photos from this succesful first year in Manchester;



So a huge thanks to the members that helped setup the layout and breakdown. With the help the layout you see above would not have happened!

Here is a video kindly made by Steve (aka Madmax) of the layout being setup over 7 hours!!


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